Our Father's Message to the World

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Beloved One, the winds come and the winds go; but the wind, which is at hand, shall not go. Yea, this is a mighty wind of My Spirit and it is being unleashed now upon My people. Yea, a mighty wind of My Spirit is rolling forth, even as a mighty tidal wave. It is rolling forth; and within three days, My Child, you shall know what I mean. This wind of My Spirit is bringing mighty miracles upon the face of the Earth; for as you know, My Child, Satan has been cast into the Earth for good. No more will he be allowed to come to My throne and no more will he be allowed the interdimensional spaces; for My mark of defeat if upon him. Even as he rises in his fury, he is bound by Me. He is bound for destruction.

"Yes, My Child, the devil is loosed and the antichrist is rising as you knew many months ago. Millennia of planning and millennia of human sacrifices and bloody orgies of evil have ushered in this time of great evil upon mankind. But, I tell you, My Child, the world is evil. The people are full of rebellion the world over. The churches are putrid with the shallow and with the lukewarm, with the cowardice. Yea, My Little One, the time of judgement is upon the world. I speak to you much about My judgement upon the USA and many in other countries think that they are exempt from My judgement. I tell you, My Child, Australia is under My judgement through fires. Yes, even the devil and his cohorts do My will and know it not. I can put My will into the smallest of creatures or into the minds of children; for I am all-powerful and all-knowing. Foolish men and women do not fear My power. They do not fear My judgement; but I tell you, Child, a great fear is upon this world. Those, who will not fear My power will fear the power of the devil. Yes, indeed, My Child, he and his have power; but not from Me. They get power from you. They feed off your sorrow and off your suffering. They feed off wars and violence. They feed of destruction and defilement of the human body. They feed off deception and horror. Yes, My Child, they are cut off from Me with little light, save that, which they steal from each of you. This is why they get great joy from sacrificing Christians in their bloody rituals; for you have My light. Even the lukewarm still have my light and these evil ones are vampires of My light and energy.

"Oh, yes, My Child, there is a feeding frenzy of evil. There is a feeding frenzy, which is motivated by horror, by blood and guts. Can you now understand why the television is a feeding ground for the devil. He puts out the evil. The masses slurp it up and in so doing they release My light; for I will not indwell those, who ascribe to evil.

"My People are in a constant deficit of My Spirit and My energy because they give it up for evil. Evil steals the light out of My people; but each of you gives permission. Each of you is accountable and each of you pays a price. For, you struggle with depression and with demonization of yourselves, your families, and your homes. You have no one to blame, but yourselves; for you have slept through the Satanic takeover of your government. You have slept through the Satanic rape of your homes through the violence of television, through the defilement of aberrant sex and through excesses of drugs, alcohol. Willingly, you have fallen into the Luciferian traps because you have loved the world and what is in it and willingly the masses will move out, take the mark, and they will willingly worship Lucifer.

"Get ready; for war is coming to America! Here a little and there a little until you succumb to nuclear attack! Yes, My Child, I have given America a little more time; for truly war was slated for America in 1998 and again in the Spring of 2001. But, you have not been given a lot of time. You have not been given a generation, only a few years.

"Countries outside of America, I warn you not to rally in your safety, believing that you are safe in your rebellion. Nay, you are not safe! I am going to tear up Scandinavia, …for your rebellion against Me, for your worship of pagan gods, for your idolatry. I am going to smash My fist right into your abdomen. I am going to cut off your circulation and I am going to further blind and deafen you; for you put on a fake light show; and you are full of the shallow and the putrid.

"Canada, Oh, Canada, do not think that you will escape My wrath. For, you are every bit the harlot that America is. You are every bit as blind and deaf and you are puffed up, believing that judgement will not befall you. Oh, it is coming! My judgement is at your very door and it will not be long before soldiers make their door-to-door rounds in your very midst. It will not be long before you know famine all across your land; for I am judging the wheat and I am judging the cattle and the crops. Grievous illnesses and diseases are about to escalate all over the world and you will not escape. War, war, war and rumors of war shall be your constant dread; for you have forsaken Me. You have gone whoring with America. When you least expect it, you shall hear a snap and you shall see the deadly results of this snap. Yes, Canada, you are under My judgement and it is time that you wake up. It is time that you repent; for a wave of utter destruction will soon sweep your land.

"Europe, Oh foul Europe! Your heart is cold as ice. You are robots of the devil. A black cloud of evil is brewing over Europe The Nazis are set to march from door to door. The trains of evil are set to run and the wolf of famine is howling in your backyard. No, you will not escape your evil hearts. You will not escape that hot breath of the antichrist as he comes to steal, to kill and destroy. Yea, it is time to wake up before it is too late to do so. You, the masses, you., who are full of darkness, rebellion, self-sufficiency, have dug your own dark graves. It will be nothing for you to worship Lucifer; for you already worship what is of this world.

"Yes, My Child, I know that a few, here and there in Europe, love Me. They obey Me and keep My commands; but these are few, indeed! I tell you, My Child, I am going to shake and rattle Europe. I am going to tear it up from North to South and from East to West. The dead will be so numerous that they will not have the manpower to bury them. Yes, war, grievous war is coming to Europe!

"The Mideast is on the precipice of an explosion of war. As you see this war unfold, watch China and Russia. For, China has plans of her own and when the world expects it least, she will move to usurp land and power. And, North Korea, riddled with disease and hunger is a lean wolf; but one, which is on the prowl. They will not bow down to the antichrist agenda!

"My Little One, this war on terror is all about getting rid of those countries and those elements, who will not bow down to the antichrist. This is why the world is on the verge of a great war, which is going to utterly devastate this planet. Some will not be bought and they will not bow to the antichrist agenda; for many hate NATO. Many hate America! Many hate Europe! Therefore, the antichrist has his hands full. On every front, he plans to squash rebellion. On every front, he plans to stamp out terror; but this is best said that on every front he will terrorize the world!

"My Child, you think, 'Why is the New World Order moving forth like a steam roller?' It is because Satan has been cast down. He knows his days and hours are numbered and he knows that I have given him a season in the Earth. Yes, he is going to terrorize the Earth. Many will die, just from terror, alone. But, My Little One, there is a Higher Plan. This is My Plan and My Plan is to bring My Sons and Daughters home. My Plan is to give eternal life to My Faithful, so that they truly do not have to go out anymore. Are the numbers great, who will make the grade? No. This is why My Way is called the Straight and Narrow and why few find it and stay on it. As long as any of you go by the beat of the world, you will not make the grade. You will not receive your reward of eternal life as My Sons and Daughters; for you are cut off from My Spirit and My word. Yes, My Child, the time of the great sorting of souls is at hand and it behooves all to clean up their lives. It behooves the preachers of America to get out of the blasphemous covenant with Lucifer, which is called the 501 ( C ) 3. It behooves the Shepherds of My Churches around the world to arise from their slumber and to take up My staff of righteousness and to clean up their lives and to clean up their churches. For, if they will not repent and cause My people to repent, they shall soon be caught up in the fires of hell!

"My Little One, I am separating Mine out of this evil system. I say to you now, 'Come out of Babylon before it is too late!' Give up the porn. Stop the adultery. Give up the gambling, the drugs and the alcohol; for these are sure tickets to hell! Stop the lying and stop the deceiving; for those of you, who lie and deceive, are evermore the Child of the Devil. Stop fornication; for it is better to marry than to burn. Those of you, who look at My commandments and believe that you can pick and choose are evermore the fool. For, you are lost to the wiles of the devil and you know it not.

"Get ready, I say to South America. Get ready! Behold Argentina, for this is My judgement! Overnight, you will experience widespread conditions, like what you see in Argentina. A great wasting is coming upon Mexico and Central and South America. A great wasting is about to hit this part of the world with terrible plagues, which are going to wipe out many. This great devastation is coming, along with a great financial collapse, which will be worldwide, along with worldwide famine. A great and terrible dearth is headed for the whole world!

"When you see war, a great war grip the Mideast, and this is soon, know that a great war is about to grip the world. Great suffering is at the door of this whole planet. When you see foreign troops begin to go door-to-door in the USA, which is soon, very soon, then you will know that this will soon follow for the world.

"Yes, My Child, a howling is going up. Hear the great howling in the Spirit. A howling is going up even now and this shall soon manifest in the physical; for a purging or the Earth is at hand. Nuclear exchanges are at hand. How quickly you have forgotten! How quickly your memory has faded for the terrible destruction of nuclear war! When nuclear war hits the Earth, it will quickly spread throughout the world. Do not be so naïve as to think that it will not come to your part of the country or world. For, even if nuclear weapons are not detonated in your midst, fallout travels around the world. I tell you that areas of land will soon be uninhabitable and untillable.

"Are you prepared? Nay! The masses are not prepared! Has television told you to prepare? Has television told you to build fallout shelters? Has television told you to stockpile food and medicine for My people? Nay! For, you are scheduled for annihilation! Satan will devour you, for he feeds off your suffering! Over and over, I have told you through this very prophetess and through others, to prepare for hard times. Have you built fallout shelters? Nay, few of you! Have you stored food, water, and medical supplies? Some of you, but still the numbers are few! If the errant preachers were awake, they would warn My people. They would tell My people what is coming down; but alas, they are fast asleep!

"My Child, for those around the world, who would like to make a copy of this message to send to the world churches or even to the local churches in America, along with My last letter for the Churches of America, I say to make these copies and send them now. For, the world is on the precipice of grave peril. Let all be warned. For, the concentration camps in America and elsewhere around the world will soon be overflowing, not with terrorists or war criminals, but with average citizens. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of January, 2002,
Linda Newkirk