Now this is what the Lord says to all who will listen to the Spirit of the living God.

Oh, that I would have the heart that longs for My will and My power, says the Lord. The hearts of the christian today just look for an easy way to heaven, not for My will! If I could see a nation totally dedicated to My will, to My being, to My desire: what I could do for them! It’s not that I do not do miracles, healing, or for that matter signs and wonders, but that I can only find a few that are dedicated to Me enough that I can move through them to the end of miracles, signs and wonders. If I could do––through those who call My name, those who call themselves Christian, even among those that call themselves born again, or that call themselves Spirit filled––the things that I would like to be able to do, then this world would reel and shake from the awesome power of the Lord of Host!!

For I do not wish My people to suffer from sickness or any evil of this world. That is not My will! Therefore, I came and died––took stripes for healing that you may be healed! But My people are not walking according to the Spirit, but according to the flesh. You cannot reap the rewards of the Spirit in the flesh. It does not work!!

Now! Turn from your ways to My ways, says the Lord. I know what is best for you and what you need before you know or can ask for it! I will never let you slip into a place of not having your needs met! This is the way it should be. But as long as you will not listen to My Word, and not obey it when you hear it, I will NOT bless you in your sin!! Now is the time to repent, and I will bless you in the midst of the judgement that I will pronounce on this country.

There are those who say, "what is this to me, that a prophet speaks, and should I obey?" But listen, the word of the Lord is that, the word of the Lord. Does not my word burn like fire? Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes rock to pieces? So harken unto My voice when I deal with you. Harken unto My voice when I speak to you. Harken unto My voice as I prophesy, for My word shall not return void.

Those who will spend the time to walk in the Spirit, by fasting and praying before Me on a consistent basis, WILL learn to walk in the Spirit. Those who will not learn to fast and pray will have EXTREME trouble in the time to come.

I have been somewhat pleased that the people of this country have looked toward Me and sought Me in some ways. But I have not been pleased in the way they have sought for me. They have looked for a god that would excuse them of their sin, and their evil ways, and their evil ends that they have longed for in their hearts. I have some people, of Me, that will walk with Me in everything that I ask! But they are few.

It is My will that they have an understanding of the holiness of God and the knowledge of the ways of God. It is not My will to punish them for their iniquity or their evil ways, but to stand and say that they know the ways of God and do fully follow them. I mean to bring about an understanding of My ways, of My desires of the Spirit, and the things which are from above not beneath. It is this that they have refused to understand or try to understand. Indeed, they have gone out of their way to avoid My ways, lest they have to repent and follow a God which will tell them what to do.

So therefore, do not wait, staying on the path of destruction that the flesh will bring to you, but stay on the path of holiness that My Spirit will bless you with, if you will simply look to Jesus, the One who died for your sins, that you may be justified before Me without any wrong on your book of actions. It is simply a matter of repenting of your sins and turning around to follow the will of the Lord God of Israel!

If I could just find one percent of My people dedicated to total commitment, I could use this huge army to turn this world around and shake it for the Kingdom of God, and many, many, many would not only be saved, but also would move into this high calling of the work of the Lord. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, I have shown you, My people, My ways. Why are you not obeying them? Why are you not following what I have revealed to you? Why have you forsaken the ways of God for the ways of the world? If you get sick, can the world totally heal you? Can they bless you with all manner of blessings, including eternal life and many other blessings of the spiritual realm? Can they? How can they when they have no knowledge of this! If only they would listen to My voice. Listen to My voice, My people. Those of you who claim to know the things of God and the ways of God, listen to My voice and turn from your worldly ways; and say I have no time for the things of the world, I must move on with the things of the Lord.

If those who heard My call would have simply said, I want You to teach me Your ways. Oh, how I would have taught them the ways of the kingdom of the Lord. The ways of this earth’s power is evil––the ways of the powers of heaven, the throne of God: so powerful and holy!

Thus says the Lord God of heaven. Many have put their faith into science, or into religion. But I am the one who controls all things.

There is only one way to the cross of repentance, that is by the blood of My Son, Jesus, My only begotten Son, Lamb of the Most High! Now is the time of repentance, now is the time to turn away from mockery of holiness unto true holiness, by the acceptance of the Blood poured out by Jesus on the cross for your total forgiveness of sin for all time!

This, the word of God, has come to the world that it might be saved and delivered from their evil way, but My people, My church, has become so solemn in their disobedience to Me that I can no longer work through most of them. They claim to be with Me, yet  they do not want to do what I say––they will become embarrassed and foolish-looking to their friends. So I will depart from them!

You must do what I wish, what I tell you to do. I have your best interests at heart, not your worst. I have the best for this world at heart, if you would only repent and stop being so selfish with your salvation, and prideful about your status in this world! The only status that counts is the one that occurs at the judgment seat of Christ.

If you could see and understand the ways of the Lord, you would immediately drop everything you had done up till now in this life and start serving the One who can, and does, control all things.

Look in My Word, the Word of God, and know what I have said. I wrote all of the sixty-six books to tell you what is in My heart, what is right, what is not correct, what is the ways of the world, what is the ways of the Lord God of Heaven!

I require of you a change in the heart: to not go after the evil, to not change your ways on the surface and claim that I am being served when you won't even spend an hour a day with Me, you won’t spend an hour in prayer, an hour in repentance, an hour in service to Me, an hour in praise. You are so caught up in this earth, and this earth’s things, that you will not spend any time with Me, your Creator!

My body, says the Lord, is headed into the last days, but it is not ready for the last days. They are influenced by the world around them. They do not pray. They do not fast. They do not meditate on My Word. But they spend time in front of the TV watching all the filth that is on there. They do spend time watching all the movies of the world. How is this feeding their spirit? I say they are weak, yes, very weak in the spirit, says the Lord.

Remember that I always will judge every person that walks on the face of the earth––every one!! So therefore, remember what I have called you to do, AND DO IT!!! So many of you are not doing My will that I called you to do. If you do not do it––My will that I called you to do––I will judge you according to the lack of works that you have accomplished!! So many of you do not realize that every one of you HAVE TO DO WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU––for the sake of the kingdom of God. It is now so late in the hour. So much has yet to be done. I have called you to do a work. Repent and do it NOW!!! So says the Lord God of Israel!

You must repent a repentance that is true, is just, is real! You cannot stand before the judgment throne and claim that you have served Me, because deep in your own heart you know you have saved yourself from hell in only a form of godliness, that is, unrighteous in its evil way. You who claim to repent, stand and show yourself approved unto God, unto holiness, unto prayer, unto righteousness, unto the ways of God, unto the only right way of the Lord.

I, the Lord God of heaven, have always desired My people, the entire earth, to expand beyond anything you could ever imagine! The whole earth was to multiply and expand beyond its borders, into the realms of the heavens, and beyond your possible comprehension!!

So you see, that I have designed a plan for this earth, and I will not fail!! This earth, and its evil, will at the time appointed, pass away into judgment and damnation. Then shall come the continuation of My plan; and satan and evil shall be put away from it.

This is the will of the Lord: that you spread the gospel as far, and to as many, as will receive this word. I have prepared a place for all those who will repent and serve the Lord God of the Heaven. I will serve them too. They will be blessed beyond anything that can be possible imagined on this earth. It is so grand, so exceptionally grand, that you could not begin to think of it.

But now, now it is time for the repentance, the serving of the Lord by proclaiming the good news to a lost world!!

But this they must know! That the will of God is to protect them through it all, no matter how hard it may seem. For this word is not just to inform you, nor is it to scare you. But rather to bring about a repentance in all mankind, in all that will serve Me. For I am a righteous God, not an evil one. Know this, the will of God, is going to become obvious to all, not to all christians, but to all.

I will build you as you come to Me. Fast! before the Lord God of heaven! I did––in this earth’s evil time––when I was on this earth. I did, when I did not have any time for it. I would spend a day with My Word, speaking it to the people––and spend all night with My Father! I could not go long without Him! Why do you think you can? Why? I ask you why? You don’t know how many times I could have saved you heartaches, saved you turmoil in your lives, saved you time, saved you money, that you could have used for things of Me, not things of you. Please spend time with Me. I will not hold back from you. I will not hold back. I will not hold back. I will be a Father to you!

Always learn to stand on the Word of the Lord. I am the I am. When you realize what the total power of God is, you will notice that this world will no longer matter!! It is not important. Just an area of evil that you pass through! I will no longer be a distant thing that has to be sought. I will be right there with you. Not that I am not there now, but that you are so worldly you cannot notice Me! I am here, just reach to the Lord and He is there! I am the I am.

So serve Me. I say again that you know that I am the righteous One of the Lord. That you know that way which is right, not the way which shall bring forth destruction of this evil way. For you see there is a time of learning about these things, a time of remembering of what you learned; but, also, a time of doing these things, continually, for the rest of your life!

Therefore, turn yourself away from the evil deeds that you have been in, and turn toward the living God, turn toward witnessing for God, turn toward living for God, turn toward making your God, the Heavenly Father, your one and only Holy Father, Son, Holy Spirit, to worship and to serve.

But I am a God that will allow all people to be set free. Free to choose their way. For heaven will never, NEVER, NEVER!!!!, turn around and say that you will be forced to serve the Lord your God. It is your choice.

So let not My people be afraid. For where in the Word did I say, be afraid? No, not afraid, but to fear the Lord, for it is He who will judge. Those who will fear the Lord and His judgments have attained a way of excellence before Me. And this way of excellence will be with you forever, throughout eternity, a blessing to you.

So let this be, that you will make a commitment to serve the Lord, to listen to the Spirit of the Lord, to not forsake this Word, these deeds that the Lord will ask of you––yes, deeds he will ask of you!––for this is righteousness, following the Word of God to the full!!

So now remember that the Will of God is not to judge you, but to turn you around to repent of your ways, so you will serve the Lord your God.

Love, faith, obedience to My Word, HUMBLENESS - These will always carry you through. That's all you need. With these you will learn of others you will need to have, but with these you can begin and know that I will teach you from the Word of the Lord all things!

So now you see the still small voice of God that has told you to repent––get it together with your God, stop putting the things of God to the sides of your life, and start putting them foremost in your life.

It is important that you remember that God is to be feared. For he has the power to protect you and to condemn you! Now listen to this voice of My prophet. It is for your good. I do not wish to condemn anyone, but those who will stay with the devil MUST BE CONDEMNED!!

So it will always be with My will. That those who will stand up and serve Me with all of their heart, will be saved; but those who will not, must be condemned. So you will see this occur as I have stated it. I, the Lord your God, shall bring it to pass.

Those who will serve Me with their whole heart, will be servants or priests with Me in the new age of the one thousand years. Those who will not serve Me, will be damned!! So it is. Put your trust in the Lord God, serve Him, not earth, and you shall have your place in this New Heaven and New Earth that is to come!

So leave aside the things that now possess you, to learn the ways of God truly, completely, and prophetically. For the prophets I am raising up will help you, guide you, to a new understanding of My Kingdom. Those that are false prophets will be revealed by My Spirit. Those who listen to the Spirit of the Lord God will know the false prophet. For I will reveal him openly. BUT those that listen not to the Word of the Lord will be deceived many times by the spirits of false prophets! By their fruits you shall know them. Listen to My Spirit, even in your prayer time, in your fasting time––I will show what’s a false prophet, what’s a true prophet. But heed My true prophets, for they are there.

So listen to the ways of the Lord. Spend time with Me in prayer, fasting, Bible study. Know the ways of God, and you shall stand firm in the days to come. Therefore, will you be blessed in this age that will come, 'cause you told the ways of your God rightly to your neighbour, to all you know, or come into contact with, for they will be deceived and you are sent to remind them of the truth! For there is nothing new under the SUN. Just misplaced, ignored, or buried.

We are going to go in, as the body of Christ, to a time when we shall be following the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John. That means we will come to a place when we will perform together, (you, as My people; and I, as the Lord), in greater miracles than I did on this earth. In much greater miracles. And so it shall always be until the end.

For there are many that I call, for I call all people to serve Me. So few listen; and of them so VERY few even bother to commit themselves totally to Me. Most play religious games (do not serve Me); for they want salvation, but they do not want the cause of giving up the sin and the lusts of this world. And they do NOT serve Me, they do NOT seek My will, and they are NOT Christians saved by the blood of the Lamb. They have rejected it in the playing of games. I warn them. Repent and do the will of God, for this is My work, that they shall serve Me righteously and forever, and I will reward them, and I will give them strength to give up everything of this world. But they MUST, MUST turn away from the lusts of the flesh and serve the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

For I am the true God, a God of life, liberty, and holiness, and happiness for all those that repent, serve Me, live for Me, and do My will that I call them to do. I am not a God of wrath to those people.

I am the Lord God of Israel. All that you see is for the good. That is, all that you see in this world is for the good. It may not seem this way now, but if you could see it from My point of view you would understand that it is unfolding the way I have planned it, from the point of sin entering into this planet. If you will follow My way and My righteousness that I have outlined in the Word of God, then you will see yourself rising up into the will of God in your life, and I will see your needs met even when all is falling apart in this world.

There is coming a time when My people, called by My name, will openly accept that there is more power of the Lord than they could have ever imagined. When this comes, it will be by revelation of the Holy Spirit. That's the only way you can receive this type of knowledge. It is spiritual knowledge, therefore, it must be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

You must walk in this. Spend time in the Word. Spend time in prayer. Spend MUCH time in prayer! In this time you will learn from the Spirit of God, from the will of God, by the might of God. You will learn the ways that I want you, as an individual, to walk; the call that I want you to be involved in. For everyone has a calling––every single person has a calling. It may be only to help your church, to witness, and to lead people to the Lord––do simple things like this––that may be all I call you to do. Many have only that calling. But many more will be noticed standing up, shouting from the house tops, from the mountain tops the very things that I call them to say.

Thus saith the Lord. I am a servant to those who will serve Me. I am a kind and understanding God. BUT, to those who will defy My existence, or refuse to serve Me, their Creator, I am a fierce and judgmental God. Therefore, choose who you will serve: Me, the God of all; or you, your own desires and selfish wants. The decision you make will determine your future throughout eternity.

Thus saith the Lord. There are those who think that they can live in the world’s system and not be influenced by it, but you are. There are those who think that they can serve the world’s system and not be wrong in their relationship to Me, but they are wrong! Everything that you connect to in this world influences your heart and life with Me. Therefore, do not spend your time outside of the will of the things of your God. He knows all that is good for you. Everything that you need to do is written, contained, and to be studied in the Word of God.

This is the word of the Lord, that you change not from the Holy ways of your God. The ways I have shown you in scripture. Look at the whole Bible, from beginning to end. Look at it. Know what I say in it. Know what the Word of God says about all things. For it is your salvation from this evil world. In it I reveal everything you need to know about the God of all the creation. I reveal all there is to know to save you from this wicked world. Anything that contradicts the Word of God is simply wrong! Listen and know that God has always been the same. I have never changed and will never change.

Trust only in the Word of God and all things that the Holy Spirit gives to you to follow and do, for the ways of God are above reproach. You that do the will of the Lord shall enter into a relationship of Holy Spirit total guidance of your lives. Even the little things shall come to pass in your life, guided by the Holy Spirit! All things are of Me that come from above, that is, the words spoken by God. Know, therefore, the ways of God. Study the Word. Study it!!

Study it all the time! Let your heart be immersed in it. Know all it has to say. Do not be brought to a misunderstanding concerning the words of the New Testament. Did not I say in there that I judge all evil. So I do! No one shall escape. If they have not turned their hearts to God, wrath shall overtake them. Those who have turned their hearts to Me, forgiven they are, and shall walk with Me in the holy ways of God. For not all that are in the church buildings are saved.

Many just go there to appease their conscience of the fear of wrath of their God. They think they can live without following My Word, without following what I want them to do. They have closed their hearts––to listen to the words of their God. They will not turn to another gospel outwardly, but inwardly they have forsaken Me!

For My Spirit says, says the Lord, that the world is seeking the things of the Almighty God. It just does not know where to seek. It does not know that God is what they are seeking after––they are seeking after something, but they don’t know what to seek, so they seek sin, for that is what they are familiar with. And thus they have sinned a great sin. They have sought the wrong thing. So listen, says the Lord. Tell them. Tell them of the answer. Tell them of the truth. Tell them of the things of God. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. They need to know what the truth is. You yet have to go out into the highways and the byways and spread the Word. For that is what I have called you to do. Did not I command this in the 16th chapter of Mark? Did not I command this to every single person to preach the Word wherever you go?

For thus says God, this is His word: seek His face. Do not seek the things of the earth, for they are fragile. They will fall. They will come apart. They will break up and crumble. They will not work. The things of man are not the perfection of God.

This is the word of the Lord in this hour. It breaks My heart, says the Lord, when you, My people, will not walk My ways to behold the rewards that I would give you. You do not walk the ways of God. You seek the ways of men: it is not of Me. For you have walked in the lie of satan, which is that you cannot do it. When you see what I have called you to do, you believe the lie: I cannot do it. But I say in My Word, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. And if you will believe that word, it is yours, it is yours. The will of God is yours, and you can do anything which I strengthen you to do. Therefore, spend time in fasting. Spend time in the word. Spend time in prayer. Spend time with your God and you will do what I have called you to do.

Understand this, that in heaven and earth there are spiritual rules and spiritual laws. Under no conditions do I take My spiritual laws and break them. I will never break My laws. I have set them in motion and they shall always be. Therefore, sin MUST BE JUDGED. It cannot be left aside, left alone, left to be forgotten. Unless it is washed away by the blood of My Son, there is no remission for sins. I will judge them. Only sin that is taken care of by the blood is gone and I will never remember.

Oh, that the people of God would cry for forgiveness. Forgiveness of their hardheartedness that they have one to another. I have tried to plead with them to reconcile them with one another, but they will not!! Listen, oh you who think you need to fight with your brothers to teach them what is right! LISTEN!!! I am the Lord God of ALL. You are My people. Do not fight. I am love. You are not, if you fight amongst yourselves! I am the One who guides you into all truth. Why not seek Me for an answer to your question. Why not fast before Me first. You would find out that NONE of what you fight over is worth it.

I am the Lord God. I know what is best. Do not worry about stupid doctrinal differences! It is not important. It is important to serve your God! So do it. Listen to what the Holy Spirit says. Listen! Do what you are called to do. Listen to the word of the Lord in the Bible. Listen to ALL OF IT!! NOT what you want, but what I say, which is all of the word in the Bible––not the parts you quote, but the parts you do not quote as well. Go back and read the Word. Read it all. Read it again. Read it. You will learn the true obedience of yourself to Me.

Thus saith the Lord, of all those who walk after the will of God, in true humility and love for all the ways of the Lord, shall receive all that the Lord has, now in this life, and in the life to come.

This is what the Lord desires for His people. To live a holy life in front of God and man. I cannot give you rewards for refusing to do what I called you to do. You must repent turn to the Lord of heaven and earth, and do what Jesus has commanded you to do. Look at the Old Testament. Do you see any that were rewarded for their evil? It is evil to turn away from your calling that God has placed on your life. You know that this is so. I have told you this many times. But I have called many to the work, but too few are obedient to the word that they receive.

Do you not trust Me, saith the Lord of all? Do you not know My ways? Can you not turn away from the evil in your heart to not serve the world’s system of ideologies that are sin in the very essence? Can you not turn away and serve the living God who will always be with you till the end of the earth and beyond? Can you not do this? Can you not? I say turn and look to your God for the ways of the Lord God are all so holy you cannot believe it. It is not possible for you to know the fullness of the truth.

Do the will of the Lord God of all. For He it is that will bring this age to an end. Then you will need Him and only Him. No other will do. Nothing from this age will be there when you stand before the Judgment Seat.

I am an honest One. You must stand and know that you can say what is right and not ever be ashamed of Me. Yes, that’s what I am talking about. Honesty to your fellow humans. Not telling them about Me, not telling them about salvation, not saying what I have told you to say is lying to them. You are, by your not saying anything, telling them you do not have an answer to this life!

I do not care for your worries, they are not of Me. They are of your worldly system. You were not taught that from the Word. You were taught of the earthly system to worry. Put Me first. I will put your needs a priority before Me. You will lack nothing you need as long as you live for Me!

Read My Word. I have said that the lowest become the highest in the kingdom. Humble yourself. Know the ways of God from the Word of God in scripture. Study the Word.

Study it. Know that I am a Holy God that wants everyone to HUMBLY walk with Me, seeking to know Me, seeking to obey Me. It is with this method of service to Me that you will receive the greatest of blessings from Me, saith the Lord God of all. With this humility you can and will defeat the greatest powers of darkness. It is with this strength of humility that you will gain the greatest heights in My Kingdom. With this humility, you will do the greatest miracles for My Word and Gospel on this earth! Learn it! Learn it well. Pride goes before a fall. Therefore, many of My christians, who are called by My name have fallen and fallen badly! Know that this way of the Lord is not what goes with the world’s thinking, but rather, against it in all ways. You cannot understand the pride that creeps in from the worldly system you now live in. You cannot understand the problem of being in the world and not fasting, praying, and seeking Me very often throughout your day.

It is this that is lacking in your life. This seeking of God is not there. You do not perceive the true ways of God, because it is clouded in your mind by the pride of this worldly system!

I put you through many trials to teach you to trust Me, not the world, and its solutions! Look at the world. What you see is man’s idea of a perfect world. There is no such thing with the earth. Its system is perverted with sin. You cannot know the extent of that perversion. It is beyond your comprehension to think about! Know that this is, nevertheless, true.

Do not compromise the word of the Lord! It is for you to obey completely. Too many have turned their hearts to their own ideas from the service that they once had to the Lord.

Now LISTEN!! I am the Lord that speaks to you. Come out and be you separate! Do not follow after the earthly ways. Turn to the ways that I have spoken to you. Look at the words of My Bible.

For while many declare God and Jesus and raise up that banner high, many use this as a banner, not to serve God, but to make themselves look good. I am not fooled by such hypocrisy. I know the hearts, and I know what’s real, and I know what’s not.

The one that calls all things that are into being says, “you that are holy, committed to the Lord, say unto the world, ‘the time is now short, soon there will be judgment coming on all the earth.’” Warn them. Let them know that this is near the end. Soon they will see this (judgment) occur. Those that will be saved, will be saved because those who follow the will of the Lord have told them these things beforehand.

Look at what is said of My so called people. They align themselves with the world, and look like the world. They talk like the world. They act like the world. They work at the things of the flesh. Always seeking a new house, a new car, a new this, or a new that. They have made it their sole occupation to search out, and find the most comfortable life within this earth. I have spoken: we are sojourning through a strange land that you are not citizen to. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Beware of those who are not seeking truly the Spirit of God, but rather are seeking the signs, the wonders, the miracles. In a selfish way they seek them and they are not truly seeking after My Word and My will. For those who seek the signs will miss it! Those who seek Jesus will find Him and His signs following!! [Mark 16:17] Power comes only through seeking Jesus, and fasting and prayer. Those who seek power do so at their peril, for I never commanded you to seek power, but rather to seek Me and you will find power; for power comes only through the Lord Jesus. So says the Word.

Here am I, says the Lord. How many christians are searching for Me? How many? I say not many. Very few are really searching for the truth, for Me. Very few are searching to serve Me. Very few are searching to do the will that I have for their lives. Look at My Word. Does it not say that those who will serve Me I will in no wise cast out? I will help them. I will meet their every need. Why do christians search for the things of this earth? Do they really think that this worldly system of the devil can help them? The reason they do all of this is that they believe in what their eyes see, not what the word of God says.

For if the Lord came to you this night, would you be comfortable in this? So I say, says the Lord, that I have been with you at every hour. I am with you, My people, at every hour, every day, even throughout your entire life. Do you find this comfortable? There are so many of My people that do not live the way they know they should. They seek the things of this life, not the things of this life with Jesus. There is a very strong difference to the things of this life with Jesus, from the things of this earth. I say, do not seek the things of this earth, rather seek the things of this life that are for Jesus. As you do this you will find that this earthly life, with its pleasures, will grow dim in your desire to have these things. Much rather you will learn from Me, to seek the things of this heaven that you are part of. I say to you, says the Lord God of all, do you seek to be a part of the citizenship of this life and its countries, or do you seek the citizenship of the heavenly things?

Listen to the word of The King. I am here to direct your paths. I have sent prophets, I have sent ministers unto you to show you the way. These are not ministers that make a great show for outward appearance––they are of humble heart. They are seeking the will of the Lord. You will see them, not standing in the high places of the world making a great show, but you’ll see them in the low places of the earth serving Me with their heart, with their whole heart, and this is the ministries that you are to listen to, these are the ministries that you are to harken unto, for they are the ones who listen closely to the Spirit of the living God.

So says the word of the Lord of all. Say to the earth, that is, say to the people of this world, I have the answer, it is Jesus of Nazareth. He is the one who can save. Let them know that the world is on a path of destruction. It will end in all of the wrath of God coming upon it. BUT there is an answer to this. It is Jesus: His blood shed to the redemption of sin to all who would listen, obey, repent, confess, that He is Lord of all, and then they would be delivered from these sinful, earthly ways. Let it be known throughout the whole earth that Jesus is Lord of all!!

For I am the King, says the Lord, and I am above all. Do not listen to falseness. You will find it everywhere and in disguise as truth. Listen to this word. Listen carefully to this word. There is a falseness disguised as truth. Satan goes about seeking to look as a spirit of light. He is a false spirit. You shall know the false by the word of God, and by the Spirit of God. If you will be led by the Spirit of God in everything you do, you will be at a place in your life where satan cannot move you. If you listen to the Spirit of God in everything you do––become habitually listening to the Spirit at all times––then you will listen and know the truth, and you will receive and realize error. Even though you do not know what is wrong with it, you will know something is wrong with it, and you will know enough to stay away from it. So heed this word for these are the days that are the preparation of the times to come. The time is short!

And I say to My church, and to My people. Listen, listen, and know the word of the living God. Listen and know the word of the living God. Listen and know. Oh, spend your time in prayer, spend your time in study of My word. Witness to the people. They need to know what is going on. Yes, they will laugh at you, so let them laugh!! There is coming a time when they shall see the things you talk about come to pass. They’ll see the earth getting into more trouble! Then maybe they’ll stop laughing––some will! WAKE UP MY CHURCH, WAKE UP!! There is a need for you to stand strong.

So laugh not at them, for they are deceived. But if they laugh at you, so let it be. Be a witness and a sign unto a lost generation: that there is an answer and there is a reason for the way the earth is. It has come under the judgment and the wrath of God, and it shall continue to do so. Things will not get better, they will get worse.

You think when you stand in the front of the throne of the living God, that whether you had a new car or a new house is going to matter? You think its going to matter? Do you think that is really going to make the difference? NO!! It is serving Me.

Being a witness, standing out in front of the world and saying, JESUS IS THE WAY! THAT!!!! will make a difference. THAT is what I am looking for. For so many live a life unto themselves letting those around them go to hell.

Be careful of the sin of pride. Watch it. Look at yourself. Examine your motives. Let the Lord examine your heart. Let Him show unto you the errors of your ways. One of the most holy prayers you can ever pray is “seek in my heart Lord, show me any evil way. Show me. Correct me. Seek to turn me. Do anything you have to God, but turn me back to you.” If you will accept this word and seek that in your heart, it will humble you and bring you to a place of true obedience to the Lamb, the Lord Jesus, the Son of Almighty God. For those who will allow this––allow Me, says the Lord––to purge you of any evil way––they are My highest called, they are My highest called.

Trust in the King of Kings, not in the world of worlds. For only the King has the answer; and the world has only its own ways, which will fall and fail. There is this, says the Lord, that you understand that you can’t walk with one foot in the world, and one foot with Me. You must choose which path to walk on. You must choose which path to walk on. You must not be turned aside after the ways of the world. You must choose the ways of God. You must make a final decision. Go with Me, says the Lord, or go with the world. Too long My people have tried to play with the world, I will not allow it any more, says the Lord. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT. IT MUST STOP.

My children have sought the things of the earth. They have forgotten the things of God, and have sought the things of the earth. But when they have to rely on the Kingdom of God, on the Spirit of the Lord, and the protection of the Most High; then and only then, will they give up the things of the earth and turn to the things of God. And I will raise up a church, and I will raise up a people, and I will raise up a voice in this earth that shall reign powerfully strong in My word. For you see, there are those who will stand only for Jesus when the times are good, but their hearts are corrupted with the things of the earth. But those that stand for the things of God when times are bad, their hearts are pure before Me. Because they do not care about the earth, and the things of the earth. They care about the things of heaven. They’ll stand and declare My Name no matter what! Them I will be with, I will empower, and I will use them to bring about a massive strong word of the Lord, and a move of God in this age, says the Lord.

If you could see it from My viewpoint, you would understand that nothing in this earth COUNTS AT ALL, except what you do for the Lord. What I call you to do, that do, and be obedient. For the King of Kings is here.

Listen and heed the word of the Lord. Build only on the Rock Jesus. Some have built on My Rock, says the Lord, but you have also built on the quicksand of this world. What will remain of what you have built? How much is on the Rock, and how much is on quicksand, says the Lord? For soon you shall find out. Soon you shall find out.

For thus saith the Lord, this word shall not depart from My prophets. They shall speak it forth from one end of this earth to the other until the day that I come back. For we have begun a time of judgment, and it shall never be brought back into a time like you have now known, a time when things are “good”, a time when there is no wrath and judgment upon this earth. For not only shall the wrath of God descend, but satan shall fight against christians like never before, and you shall see a great outpouring of persecutions. Notice it, but take heart, I did not depart from you, neither from this time nor anytime, for I will be with you, even to the ends of this earth.

You are so close to the wrath of God falling on these nations of the earth. You are so close to it. And yet, when it comes many shall say, “Oh, must it be.” But rather you shall say, “Yes, let it be. Let the judgment of God come. Let it happen.” For it is at this time you shall see miracles. As persecution raises itself up against My people, I shall raise up in great power. You shall see the dead raised. You shall see the dead come back to life in front of your eyes if you’ll walk with me. This time is coming.

There’s such a strong movement of the devil. Such a strong movement to belittle anything that is remotely of Me. And they shall belittle you. But take the time to stand up and defend My Word. For there are times to come, when they shall remember what you say now. Oh, they shall laugh at you, and they shall curse you, and they shall make fun of you. But in times to come, when the judgment falls, they’ll remember what you said. They’ll remember the hard times that you said would come, that you said the prophets prophesied, that you said the prophets were about to bring forth into this world by the word of the Living God. For have you not understood this: there are prophets that prophesy––they speak the word of God; when God speaks through them, it shall come to pass. You read of Elijah, when he said it wasn’t to rain, it didn’t rain; when he said it was to rain, well it rained. So it shall be with the prophets to come, and even that are here now. When they say something shall occur, it shall happen!

For this will of the Lord: that there be judgment and wrath come upon this earth, is not to be dismissed lightly. Heed it and note it. For you’re just entering in to a time of wrath of this earth. Just entering in. Do not despise it. Do not turn away from it. Do not believe in a false report. For there are many false reports that shall come and go. They shall say that these times shall not be. Oh, it shall not be that bad. Oh, there won’t be this kind of a problem. And oh, this isn’t true. This is a false report, they’ll say. But I tell you this is a true prophecy. This is the word of the Lord. Never again, never again, never again, in the history of mankind, will there be wrath and judgment, like is about to come. For this is the end times, says the Lord. This wrath and this judgment shall lead into the very coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. You’re just entering into this time. And as you enter in, beware of the way to walk. For any way outside of the will of the Lord, will not be successful. If you will walk in My ways, put yourself in My hands, says the Lord, and let Me walk with you, guide you and protect you, you will be the most blessed of this earth, you will be the most blessed of your nation. And those who walk with Me, shall be blessed going in, and shall be blessed going out.

Do not turn aside, do not pretend that you are serving a God when your heart is on the things of this earth. Serve Me, says the Lord. For there is coming a time when judgment on this earth shall be so great that only those who walk with Me can have any chance of survival.

And they will walk in power and strength, and I will be with them, and I will strengthen them, and I will protect them. But those who pretend, those who play the games, seek the things of the world, seek to build up big names for themselves––they shall fall hard at this time, very hard. And when the dust is completely settled, My people will stand.

As you spend time with Me in prayer, in fasting, and in time, in spiritual time, in strong spiritual time alone with Me, says the Lord; as you do these things, you will see that I will show you what needs to be done to grow closer to Me.

And as you grow closer to Me, you’ll grow stronger in Me. As you grow stronger, you’ll see more things that need to be changed. And as you change more things, you’ll grow much closer to Me. And on it goes, till I bring you into an era of spiritual revelation you did not even know could exist on this planet. Yet I shall do it. And many shall walk in it.

And I shall create a church that shall reach out to the unsaved. For the church has become a light unto itself instead of unto the world! It shall not be built in a building which rarely reaches out to anyone outside, who evangelizes its own self, who hold special meetings and bring in other churches, BUT THEY DON’T BRING IN THE SINNERS!! I shall bring in a church to this world that shall reach out and touch the unsaved! I will purify My church, and I will raise up a church that is without spot and without wrinkle. It shall bring revival. It shall bring new birth. It shall bring ALL the glory of God back where it belongs among My people.

Listen, says the Lord. When you stand before Me on the wrath day, (and I mean the judgment day––and I shall bring wrath down on every single person who is not written in the Lambs Book of Life), you will find out, I have seen everything. If you are walking in hidden sin, note, it is not hidden from Me, says the Lord. I SEE IT ALL!!

For in this life, says the Lord, in this life you are drawn by the world toward the world. Daily guard yourself from the draw of the world. Seek only the things of the Lord. Put your heart on the things of the Lord. For throughout the day there is a constant draw by the spirit of this world, which is the spirit of satan, to draw you away from the things of God, to distract you from the things of God, to tell you, you don’t have time to spend in the things of the Lord. But I tell you: the busyness of the world is a deceit of satan to draw you from prayer before Me, to draw you from the Word of God, to draw you away from Me, saith the Lord.

So many, says the Lord, hide in the church. They go to work, mention nothing of the gospel, come home, sit down, eat their meals, live their life, go to bed, have witnessed to no one. Many of My people are like this. But I did not call them to be so. I called them to stand up, to be a witness both in word and in deed wherever they go; and to lead those to the Lord who will listen to the Word. That Word is found throughout My Bible, and it is My Bible. Read it. Study it. Know it.

The United States produces more pornography than any other, its called freedom; the United States kills more children than any other, its called choice; the United States produces more weapons than any other, its called business; the United States flows its filth throughout the earth, its called domination. And they wonder why I would judge them!!!

America, America, America, why will you not turn your heart to Me? Quit your religious philosophy and get on your knees before Me and say I will serve the King of Kings. If the people of America will do this I will bring a curse against its enemies, and a blessing upon America the likes of which it cannot comprehend. It shall be so great they cannot comprehend it. But woe-be-tied to America if it cannot. For I shall crush them. I tell you the truth. This nation stands at the brink of judgment and wrath. Its people have not made a decision to serve Me, but a decision to serve self, and it shall be their folly. So says the Lord God.

Oh, America, America, why have you forsaken Me, says the Lord? Why have you forsaken Me? For you have sought the very evil which has downed nation after nation, kingdom after kingdom, time after time, from the beginning of sin until now. Search the Bible. Read it. Carefully examine it. Do you not understand? When a nation goes into sin and rebels against the God of heaven there comes a time of judgment. You cannot get away from it. You cannot escape it, except that you repent and that the people turn from their sin and stop it. Do you not realize the parallel? Do you not understand the ways of God? Less than 6 thousand people died when the towers came down, and you call that evil. But 40 million children have died because of what you call freedom. And yet you do not stop this. Yet you allow it to continue. Do you not understand when you say, “I repent, I am so sorry, God please forgive me, God bless this nation,” and you continue in sin you are the worst of all hypocrites? Do you not understand this is evil? Do you not understand America has not repented? It has only used God’s Name excessively, yet it has meant none of it.

When they turn from their sin they are repenting! When America turns from its sin I will say, “Stop!” and the judgment shall stop. But until it does there shall be judgment!

Thus saith the Lord: How I love you My people, for if I did not love you so much, would I continually cry out to you? I weep as I see what is coming upon the world. I am deeply saddened as I watch judgment fall upon your nation, but I have warned all who would listen for over a quarter of a century. Have you listened? Have you understood? Have you believed what I have said? Believe Me when I say that My WORDS WILL NOT RETURN UNTO ME VOID: FOR THEY CANNOT RETURN TO ME EMPTY. I spoke and the world came into being. MY WORDS ARE NO LESS POWERFUL TODAY. I have judged your nation, for her sins are so blatant as to have surpassed even those of Sodom and Gomorrah. They have even surpassed the sins of the people in Noah's time. I promised that I would never flood the entire earth again, and I shall not, but many may wish I had.

Listen, saith the Lord, I will bring America to its knees. It will take several years, but it will happen; save they repent and turn I will bring it to its knees. America has sought evil. America has sought evil over and over and over.

They produce more sin than any other nation. They have not only murdered the unborn child, they have taken My Name out of schools, they don’t give Me the credit for raising them up, they are slowly turning away from My nation Israel, and they are producing pornography at an incredible rate––and they call themselves a christian nation. THERE IS NOTHING CHRISTIAN ABOUT IT!! They are evil through and through! And I will deal with them as I have always dealt with nations of evil! So says the Lord!

The blood of millions of innocents has been crying out to Me for years and years. DID YOU BELIEVE THAT I WOULD STAND BY AND ALLOW THIS INCREDIBLE SLAUGHTER? It is up to Me alone to decide when any human of any age shall die. IT IS NOT UP TO MAN TO PLAY GOD! Your only safety is UNDER THE WINGS OF THE ALMIGHTY.


Woe unto America. Woe unto America. Woe unto America. The time of judgment is coming. You do not see it. You do not understand. But woe unto America, for your judgment day is coming. You believe you have set yourself right, to do the things you believe can be done in safety and without harm to your army. But I say, woe unto America, for little by little, war by war, piece by piece, YOU SHALL BE DRAWN INTO conflict after conflict, till you can no longer protect yourself. America the Great shall fall, and fall hard. It has raised itself up and worshipped its own technology. It has raised itself up and worshipped its own design. It has raised itself up and worshipped its own might. And all of these things shall fall by the Hand of the Mighty God. It has raised itself up in pride and said it has protected itself and become a great nation. No statement worse than this could be made about the United States. For I have raised it up, and I have protected it, and I, saith the Lord, have made it a great nation. Don’t give glory to yourself in work that I have done, says the Lord.

Listen to the word. Not all who say, Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. So I said of this earth. Do you not understand? Humbleness and obedience to the word of God is required to be saved. Those who say, Jesus, Jesus, and do not follow after the ways of the Lord have not heard the Word of the Lord. They have a form of religion, but I am not into forms of religion. I am the universal God. I see all. I made all. I do all. I shall never take back what I have made, and say, no, I'll destroy it. I made it, and it shall live. If it serves Me, I will serve it, bringing it blessings and prosperities. But if it does not, wrath and judgment shall follow!!! Make no mistake, wrath is as much a part of God as blessings.

Thus says the Lord, there are many things in this earth that christians today have missed. The number one things is: We are at war!! Not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual powers that are in the heavenly’s and in this earth seeking to destroy and deceive all they can. Listen to the word. Prayer is your fight against these things! Prayer is your fight against these things! Do not hate the person who is out there doing evil or promoting it, for they are deceived! Love on them, and show them the Lord.

They sit safely, they sit safely, they sit safely. Those in Europe, America, and even Canada, they sit safely. But how safe are they? For their safety has been designed of the flesh, but the judgment shall come of the Spirit. And when it comes they shall know that their fleshly designs can not help them.

For this word is given that you understand that the United States has filled up its sins which I will allow. And I am preparing now, at this time, I am preparing now to bring the judgment that I have prophesied upon it. If they will repent, even in this late stage, I will stay, and repair all that I have done to that point. If they will repent I will stay the wrath, I will stay the wrath. I will repair and I'll build back up. But, oh, if they do not repent, if they do not repent, if they do not repent, the judgments will become more and more severe, and everything that I have ever prophesied shall come to pass. EVERY LAST THING!!

For you people do not realize the hour and the time that you live in! The time at hand is so close. If you knew how close you are to the beginning of serious judgment on this world––you would not be interested in the things of money, or the goods of this earth, or the ways of this earth and you would seek this Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. You would seek Him, and you would seek the Blood of Jesus. You'd seek service to the Lord God of All. If you understood how close the time is when the goods of this earth shall fall, and the economy shall no longer be in the ways it was.

Few people realize––in this earth, that are of My Kingdom, saith the Lord––that they must go through trials and tribulations. I do not give these things to hurt them, BUT TO TRAIN THEM, for what is to come! If they want to escape the trials and tribulations that are upon them, they must do so by learning what I am attempting to teach them. And once they learn, they will move on to the next series, to learn more. For I am training an army, and there is much people to train, and much training of every person, AND SO LITTLE TIME LEFT, before the great war begins!!! And it is a war over the souls of men, the great last battle.

My people, My people, who are you, that you are so in love with money––with the things of this earth. Who are you that you love the ways of the devil! You love the money, you love the cars, you love the houses, you love the rich life. But there's coming a day, that is almost upon you, when it shall be taken away. And what is left will be minimal. Those who have their hearts on the things of this earth, are going to lose it. Those of My people who especially know the truth, yet love the world, they shall fall hard! Don't seek what you have built up on this earth. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. And turn to the Rock, and He will help you, and He will lift you up, and you'll have treasure in Heaven, and not on earth. For the promises of this world are empty says the Lord!

Take no thought of your finances. I am the Lord of them and I will bless you. Instead work: for those who will not work shall not eat. Those who have spent their money selfishly on themselves will I judge, for the blessings of this earth are to give to the poor and to serve those in need!

Behold, I can take anything and change it. Look at Saul. Look at Saul, before he became the apostle Paul. He persecuted the christians because his heart was dedicated to the things of God, and he thought the christians were wrong. But I took that man and I changed him. I looked at the heart of Saul. The heart of Saul wanted truth. He just did not know what it was. He had it all mixed up. He had it backwards. But I took the apostle Saul, and I made him exactly that, an apostle; renamed him Paul, and had him write a large part of My Word. Why is it you cannot see this? It is the heart dedicated to the things of God that count––to the things of the Son, and to the things of the Spirit. This is what I need. This is what I want. This is what My hearts desire is. If you are a little inaccurate in one thing, or one belief, or one other little thing because you don't understand something, I will correct it. I will show you truth. But I need your heart dedicated to Me. Not sitting down in some corner church arguing why you are right over some other corner church. For those who fight against Me will loose. For when christians fight against christians they shall loose! Beware of those who are always trying to win some theological argument.

Look unto Jesus. Be filled with the Spirit. Submit to His will, and be a witness wherever you go and you will do the will of God thoroughly. Stand and believe the simplicity of salvation; for vain theologies divide those who do not understand the simplicity and the pureness of the gospel. Therefore, go throughout the world and believe the resurrection of the Messiah and preach it to all you come into contact with.

So says the Lord God of everything!

Excerpts from by Thomas Gibson
and by Raymond Aguilera